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Tony McKibbin on CLOUD OF SKIN

Thrilled to announce that one of my favourite film critics, Tony McKibbin, has written an in depth critique of Cloud of Skin which can be read in full at EFS Publications.

"[Le Cain] offers us an image-rubble in both form and content, in both the numerous properties he gives to the images as we can never know from one shot to the next whether it will be in monochrome or colour, will be a long shot or a close up, a desaturated or over-saturated image. If this may seem to border on the arbitrary then that would be the lesser of two evils if the alternative happens to be convention. By untethering the film from a plot, and refusing the strictures of the Structural, Le Cain is left with a film that is free but that is then in a constant state of tension with its own arbitrariness."


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