Maximilian Le Cain

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One of the loudest and most exciting new voices in experimental cinema of our time ” – Nikola Gocić, Film Panic

Maximilian Le Cain has created a prolific and acclaimed body of moving image work including features, shorts, installations and film-related performances. 


He is affiliated with Experimental Film Society (EFS), a Dublin-based company that produces and promotes the work of a group of international artists and filmmakers who are linked by a dedication to personal experimental cinema.

He frequently works in partnership with Vicky Langan. Their decade-long collaboration has created an intimate but unsettling personal universe in film and performance.

Le Cainʼs filmmaking proposes a personal relationship with cinema as a site of haunting. Accepted visual and storytelling codes are encouraged to collapse into a more personalised system that approaches moving imagery as an experiential construct open to possession by multiple claims of memory and interpretation.