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Maximilian Le Cain

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One of the loudest and most exciting new voices in experimental cinema of our time ” – Nikola Gocić, Film Panic

Maximilian Le Cain has created a prolific and acclaimed body of moving image work including features, shorts, installations and film-related performances. He was The Arts Council / UCC (University College Cork) Film Artist in Residence for 2023. He is co-creator and co-curator of CineSalon, a Cork-based experimental film event.

His filmmaking proposes a personal relationship with cinema as a site of haunting. Accepted visual and storytelling codes are encouraged to collapse into a more personalised system that approaches moving imagery as an experiential construct open to possession by multiple claims of memory and interpretation. 


Le Cain is affiliated with the influential Experimental Film Society (EFS), an autonomous entity explicitly designed for producing cinema through experimentation. He is also known for his collaborations with Vicky Langan which created an intimate but unsettling personal universe in film and performance across more than a decade.

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