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Collaborations & Documentaries



(made with Aisling O Connell, 2020, 28 mins)

121 is a film by Aisling O Connell and Maximilian Le Cain. During the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown the two artists exchanged footage that they gradually shaped into a mysterious 'call and response' filmmaking exchange. The result is a haunting and immersive collage of personal imagery adrift on tides of obsession. Central to this journey is the idea of ornithomancy, the art of reading omens from the actions of birds.

Two Storms Collide

(made with Daniel & Clara, 2018, 8 mins)

Witness the chilling consequences of a desperate band of experimental filmmakers isolated from humanity by extreme weather conditions and possessed by the unquiet ghost of W.C.Fields. A film by Daniel & Clara and Maximilian Le Cain.

Arkady Feed 4.png

Arkady Feed

(made with Paul Hegarty, 2013, 13 mins)

Arkady Feed explores the forlorn yet strangely resilient and always evocative post-industrial terrain of Cork’s docklands using sounds found in the area by Paul Hegarty and images picked up there by Maximilian Le Cain. 

Cork Sound Art Documentaries

Two experimental documentaries on Cork's world renowned sound art scene

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 22.24.43.png

Strange Attractor

(2012, 13 mins)

Document of a durational performance by Strange Attractor. Strange Attractor is a multi-dimensional, collaborative venture that experiments with sound, movement, technology, combined media, text and found objects. 

Sonic Vigil (Sketches)

(2014, 18 mins)

An impressionistic, experimental record of the 2014 edition of the noted annual Cork sound art event Sonic Vigil. This durational performance features a rotating series of artists improvising in a single space. The film contains a few sketches of it.

Other Works

Pigskin Pockets (made with Rubber Cripple, 2019, 22 mins) A playful look at voyeurism and the intimate experiences of some sexually adventurous and flamboyant characters.

Nothing Jumps Out At Me (made with John Godfrey, 2012, 10 mins) Pure flicker, pure pulse. White on white image and noise. Also the basis of a multiscreen installation. Watch Nothing Jumps Out at Me

Something Else (made with John Godfrey, 2012, 4 mins) Impure flicker, pure pulse. White on white image and noise plus… Watch Something Else

JR: Dream This In Remembrance Of Me (2011, 1 min) A tribute to master filmmaker Jean Rollin. Watch JR: Dream This In Remembrance Of Me

Monochrome Dreams (2010, 4 mins) A very DIY music video for Cork band Makeshift Mineshaft.

Slow Tape (2010, 30 mins) An abstract tape of visuals designed to accompany live sound performance. It has been used in several contexts over the years.

Afternoons With Johnny (2008, 23 mins) A documentary portrait of the late artist John Wallace. Watch Afternoons With Johnny

(Pr)Evens (made with Tim Furey, 2006. 18 mins) A documentary in which Furey interviews Ian MacKaye of Fugazi.

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