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Article on Gregory Kohn for Triskel

Cork's Triskel Christchurch Cinema is presenting the films of Gregory Kohn on their VOD service. I wrote an accompanying article celebrating these remarkable films. From the Triskel website:

"Welcome to the first instalment of ‘Triskel Presents’. While we are currently unable to present movies as a collective experience at Triskel Arts Centre, we have created this online initiative that our patrons can enjoy.

‘Triskel Presents’ will be a mixture of independent features and short films which can be rented from our Triskel On Demand Service, as well as a series of visual essays produced by our head of cinema Chris O’Neill, which will be available to view for free on the Triskel YouTube Channel and Vimeo Channel.

We begin with a season of films by Gregory Kohn, an American director whose low-key character studies can be disarmingly simple and immensely effective. As filmmaker and programmer Maximilian Le Cain states, Kohn is “a master of ambivalence and a filmmaker of tremendous subtlety with a unique approach to storytelling”.

This programme includes the feature films Northeast (from 11th April) and Come Down Molly (from 18th April), as well as Kohn’s recent short film Good People (from 25th April)."

To read the article and see the films, visit Triskel's website.


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