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BLISSED at The Guesthouse, Cork

Spend Valentine’s evening at The Guesthouse, Cork and experience the ideal date movie: Maximilian Le Cain’s Blissed, possibly the kinkiest film ever made in Ireland.

This experimental love story is both lyrical and graphic. Hovering in the sensuous haze where flesh and dream become one, it wordlessly explores the shared inner life of two people whose devotion to one another expresses itself in forms that still challenge convention. Sexually frank and poetically immersive, this plunge into one couple’s erotic utopia features an original soundtrack by Mick O’Shea.

Le Cain’s 2021 short Solo for Water will also receive its first Irish screening.

Themed food will be provided by the Drunk Pig Cafe - a perverse menu of delights to tickle the tongue and twist the appetite.


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