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BLISSED - World Premiere at Wolf Kino, Berlin

Blissed will be receiving its world premiere as part of the 'Experimental Film Society Presents' screening series at the Wolf Kino in Berlin at 7pm on Saturday June 4th. I will be in attendance.

Screening details:

On Saturday, June 4, The Experimental Film Society (EFS) presents the world premiere of BLISSED by Maximilian Le Cain.

The premiere is part of a regular series of programmes of Experimental Film Society (EFS) films at Wolf Kino. EFS is one of the most radical, influential and distinctive forces in contemporary alternative cinema. It produces and promotes the work of a group of international artists and filmmakers who are linked by a dedication to personal experimental cinema. Le Cain is one of the most prominent EFS filmmakers and will be present for a post-screening Q&A moderated by EFS director Rouzbeh Rashidi.

BLISSED (Ireland 2022, 74 mins) is an experimental love story, both lyrical and graphic. Hovering in the sensuous haze where flesh and dream become one, it wordlessly explores the shared inner life of two people whose devotion to one another expresses itself in forms that still challenge convention. Sexually frank and poetically immersive, this plunge into one couple’s erotic utopia features an original soundtrack by Mick O’Shea.


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