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CineSalon Launched!

Massively excited to announce a new project! CineSalon is a quarterly experimental film screening event curated by Benjamin Burns and myself at The Guesthouse, Cork. The first screening takes place at 7.30pm on June 8th.

Fever [The Daily Fray] (Sarah Ellen Lundy)

The Sang Bowl (Natasha Bourke)

The Black Umbrella (Benjamin Burns)

The Portal (Benjamin Burns)

Quiddity (Artem Trofimenko) large under the sun... (Maximilian Le Cain)

The Pupil (Sarah Ellen Lundy)

Return to the River (Artem Trofimenko / Sophia Santabarbara / Senan O'Connor)

The Chase (Aisling O Connell)

Angel (Aisling O Connell)

CineSalon aims to provide a platform for film artists to share and discuss works old and new with adventurous audiences in a relaxed atmosphere. While films from all over the world will be presented, CineSalon has been set up in response to the current explosion of inspiring and under-acknowledged experimental filmmaking in Ireland. It exists to trace the emerging history of those visionary wild reeds springing up on the margins of Irish art and filmmaking. It celebrates personal, poetic, formally challenging work that ignores accepted paradigms and is all the more illuminating for it.

Follow @cinesaloncork on Instagram for updates.


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