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Maximilian Le Cain: Non-Existent Films (2009-2021)

A new compilation of my 'phantom films' can now be seen on EFS VOD.

Maximilian Le Cain: Non-Existent Films (2009-2021): Ephemera, Sketches & Some Lies

1. Moon Tiger Movie Version M (2021)

An alternative version of the multipart serial Moon Tiger Movie. A collage drawn from shorts made between 1997 and 2019.

2. JR: Dream This in Remembrance of Me (2011)

A tribute to the great Jean Rollin made to mark his passing into the phantom realm.

3. Electric Dust (2018)

An evisceration of Le Cain’s magnum opus, Scorpion’s Stone.

4. Close Watch TV (2020)

Noise, lies, television.

5. 10 Pieces of Video for Internet (10 films) (2009)

Ten murky meditations.

Free Bonus Material

Online noodling (2009 – 2012)...


Approach 2

somewhere it is snowing…

Neither Here Nor…


Oh, my, the ambling…

The Most Beautiful Video on the Internet


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