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Moon Tiger Movie: Version M, a new edit of Maximilian Le Cain's Moon Tiger Movie, is available to watch online on EFS's Vimeo channel:

Curator and EVA International Director Matt Packer commissioned EFS filmmaker Maximilian Le Cain to prepare a special new edit of sequences from Moon Tiger Movie (1997-2019) as part of the recent Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society exhibition. Moon Tiger Movie was the culmination of Le Cain’s first two decades of filmmaking. It shaped the short films, sketches and experiments that he made during this time into a freewheeling four-part feature film. What emerged was the electronic smudge of an inner life, the nocturnal residue of an existence half-dreamed. Broken and unreconciled, Moon Tiger Movie is a testament to the compelling inconclusiveness of life and the fragility of images. Moon Tiger Movie: Version M is a shorter edit that focuses on Le Cain himself, both as a physical presence in front of the lens and as seeing body that conditions his subjecthood of the outer world.

The zoom recording of a discussion between Matt Packer and Maximilian Le Cain that took place as part of Luminous Void: Twenty Years of Experimental Film Society is also available to watch online:


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