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Natasha Bourke's Kilter, Matter and Ghosts

I'm delighted to have collaborated on the video aspect of Natasha Bourke's Kilter, Matter and Ghosts which is on as part of Cork Midsummer Festival between June 18th and 21st. It is a genre-defying new solo performance in a swimming pool using movement, film, and sound.

Performed in a unique setting, Kilter, Matter and Ghosts embraces a breadth of artistic languages to present a story of wit and pathos about legacy, identity, transience, vulnerability and survival in an odd, chlorinated, urban womb.

Swimming pools have long held Bourke’s interest by virtue of their uniquely secluded, mixed-demographic, self-organising, intimate, real and surreal qualities. Years of reflective inquiry into physical and psychological states of suspension, institutional shaping, navigating a complex body and jumbled ancestral archive have prompted this, her most ambitious work to-date. KMG invites audiences to into a private world as Bourke draws from her roots and archive to ponder existential, scientific and esoteric themes with clownish, dark and dreamlike poeticism.

Natasha Bourke is a Cork-based interdisciplinary artist of Irish/Dutch descent with a fine art and extensive movement background. Her practice spans performance, film, photography, installation, archive, text, drawing and sound to contemplate themes in a surreal, playful and sincere way. She has created a large body of live/filmic works, including boat-based T.U.G! Litter Womb on Lough Foyle, Derry for EchoEcho 2021 and feature film Concrete Keys which had a sell out premiere at Cork International Film festival 2022.


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