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Phantoscope: Don Levy's HEROSTRATUS at Triskel, Cork

Phantoscope, Triskel Christchurch Cinema’s quarterly experimental cinema programme, is pleased to present one of the most striking, radical and phantasmagoric films to have burst out of the UK in the creatively turbulent late ‘60s. Don Levy's Herostratus (1967) follows a young poet played by Michael Gothard who, out of ennui and a desire for fame, arranges to commit suicide in public and turn this act into a high-profile media spectacle. This blistering critique of consumerism is emotionally intense, cinematically dazzling and still frighteningly relevant. It also features a young Helen Mirren in her first credited film role.

Phantoscope is programmed by me in collaboration with Triskel's head of cinema, Chris O'Neill.

Thursday April 28th, 5.25pm, Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork


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