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Phantoscope: Without from Within

Without from Within:

Contemporary Experimental Shorts

80 minutes – Ireland/France/USA – 2018-2021

8.15pm Thursday December 2nd

Full details:

I'm delighted to announce that Phantoscope is back! Phantoscope is Triskel Christchurch Cinema's experimental film event which I programme.

Without from Within is the first Phantoscope event since Triskel reopened after lockdown. Phantoscope always works to present Cork audiences with a selection of of the richest films that experimental cinema has to offer and this re-launch programme is extra special. It brings together a captivating series of very personal films by contemporary artists working in experimental moving image.

The past eighteen months have radically changed our way of existing, with conditions imposed that have led to isolation, introversion and a heightened questioning of who we are and how, if not why, we live. This situation has directed us inward and made much that we took for granted about our lives, our surroundings and even ourselves seem strange. Although few of the films in this programme directly reference the pandemic, they are all born of a scrutiny of solitude and new ways of looking at the world from the most intimate perspectives. Far from lamenting this inwardness, these filmmakers engage with its richness and summon new dreams, new myths, new bodies and new freedoms from its surprise, joy and pain. Katie O’Neill’s description of the theme of her Message Green resonates throughout the entire programme: “the necessity of solitude, and the importance of being in touch with one’s inner voice.” As we emerge from lockdown and take stock, these films will prove timely points of reference.

- Maximilian Le Cain

satanama (Natasha Bourke, 3 mins, 2021)

satanama honours the times we live in and a dear old pet before their passing.

Natasha Bourke is a Cork-based interdisciplinary artist with a fine art and extensive movement/circus background. Her practice embraces analogue and digital, lens-based media installation, performance, archive, drawing and sound.

No Small Spoons (Aisling O Connell, 3mins, 2020)

A short piece on the shared isolation during the days on the fringes.

Aisling O Connell is a visual artist based in Cork City who works with film, performance, paint and text. Her practice includes research into experimental film and the development of a distinctively personal visual language.

La Petite Nuit (Calypso Debrot, 7 mins, 2019)

The Little Night (‘La Petite Nuit’) slips off into the water, which is deep, colossal; the curtain flaps softly in the wind; the cat gets wet.

Calypso Debrot’s artistic practice is concerned with what persists, with what - surprisingly - continues to exist through the ages: magic, arts, knowledge, languages, intuitions, etc. Her polymorphic work includes films, installations, performance, vocals and drawings.

-pussy- (Sarah Ellen Lundy, 6 mins, 2021)

-pussy- looks abstractly at ideas around isolation, introspection & silence whilst exploring clit clichés & tropes through suggestions of tenderness, titillation & a formalist female gaze.

Sarah Ellen Lundy is an experimental visual artist from South County Sligo who also creates sonic and performative ritualistic experiences through esoteric project ɗʉɭʈ; her studio practice is preoccupied with nature & specifically an eco-feminist perspective.

Message Green (Katie Gerardine O’Neill, 18 mins, 2020)

An audio-visual poem, exploring the profundity of nature, the necessity of solitude, and the importance of being in touch with one’s inner voice.

Katie Gerardine O'Neill is a multidisciplinary artist based in Dublin. Her work has explored themes of alienation, psycho-geography, art-therapy, identity and agency, memory and “medium as message”.

Kinetics (Atoosa Pour Hosseini, 11 mins, 2018)

Shot in saturated 16mm colour, this dreamlike film follows a primeval female figure exploring an ancient landscape poised over an endlessly blue sea.

Atoosa Pour Hosseini is an artist-filmmaker based in Dublin. Her work, which is influenced by historical avant-garde cinema, explores questions about illusion, reality, and perception through film, video, installation and performance.

Water or Milk (Aisling O Connell, 6 mins, 2020)

A self-reflective piece on growing lean through the hazy blue.

Rinse: Repeat (Shelly Sarah Kamiel, 26 mins, 2018)

A haunting journey into the shapeless corridors of time travel from the corporeal flesh to the intangible cerebral memories submerged beneath the sticky surface of the self.

Shelly Kamiel is a filmmaker based in the Big Apple. Her dark, wryly humorous films invite viewers into an intense personal vision that is as unsettling as it is visually enticing.


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