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'Project Remy' Patreon Campaign

I'm launching an exciting new project - a Patreon campaign to support a new strand of my filmmaking that will fall under the title: 'Project Remy'.

Project Remy will consist of films of varying lengths created in a spirit of true experimentation, developed without fixed deadlines. They will often play with erotic themes and imagery that do not fit comfortably with mainstream sensibilities. They will freely mix and explore different formats and mediums, pushing both the physicality and the dreamlike nature of film further than I ever have before. They will be free and wild and may sometimes push the boundaries of what has been acceptable in Irish cinema.

These are films that it would not be conceivable to even apply to get funded due to their content, or the open ended nature of their development, or the unpredictability of their final form, or to any combination of these elements. It is these edgier, more underground, more ruggedly experimental works that will be made as part of Project Remy.

I'm turning to Patreon to reach out to potential co-conspirators willing to help support bringing these visions, which could never be conventionally funded, to the screen. I need help in paying collaborators, affording materials and, perhaps most crucial of all, buying myself the time in which to develop and create these films. As with millions of artists across the globe, my life is a constant scrabble to make ends meet which does not get easier with the years. Time to focus on developing new projects is rare and precious, and also very necessary.

I have three Project Remy films ready to start developing. The nature of these will remain a secret until if and when they are completed. To everyone, that is, apart from my patrons who I can only see as valued collaborators. As such, you will receive private insights into my creative process, detailed updates on the progress of these projects long before they're publicly announced, exclusive stills and videos, custom content made just for you, quality copies of my older films, and on-screen credit in the films you help finance. Please join me in this creative adventure and help in the ongoing work of making the impossible possible.


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