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Sleep Has Her House Blu-ray & Book

I’m honoured to have contributed an essay to the book accompanying the new Blu-ray release of Scott Barley’s masterpiece Sleep Has Her House (2017).

The Blu-ray + book package will be available for pre-order on from April 20th. The disc is Region Free. Both the video and sound has been fully remastered, and in some cases, re-created from scratch. The film looks and sounds the best it has ever done. Special features include brand new remasters of Barley’s shorts Hinterlands (2016) and Womb (2017), and frames and deleted sequences from Sleep Has Her House.

The book features the following essays:

Scott Barley In The Kingdom of Noumena

Foreword by Nicole Brenez

On Darkness

by Scott Barley

Revolutions of the Digital: Sleep Has Her House

by James Slaymaker

Darkling Vigil

by Maximilian Le Cain

Painting with Numbers: The Fine Art of Digital Chronophotography

by Greg Hainge

The Earth Died Screaming: Reflections on Sleep Has Her House

by Daniel & Clara

The World Without Us / The World With Us

by Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn

Feel–thinking Sleep Has Her House

by Kevin Bozelka

A Horizon, Under Nightfall

by Scott Barley


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