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Vicky Langan: A Music Network RESONATE Performance

Vicky Langan at Triskel Arts Centre, Cork, on Saturday 13 April. Recipient of Music Network's RESONATE residency, Langan presents an experimental, multidisciplinary live performance in collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain.

Performance details and tickets are available here.

For the RESONATE residency, Vicky Langan spent time on site at Triskel Christchurch in collaboration with Maximilian Le Cain, working towards building a brand new multidisciplinary live performance in April 2024.

Commenting on the award Vicky said “After a much-needed break from live music over the past two years, RESONATE allows me to return, consolidating both my sound and my still-developing film practice in a live capacity, for the first time. Thanks to Music Network and Triskel Arts Centre for this very exciting opportunity.”


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