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Recent Shorts

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Daughter of the Sun

(23 mins, 2021)

Daughter of the Sun is an experimental film based on the Irish legend of the Cailleach Beara or Hag of Beara. It takes a personal, formally intense approach to themes of identity and cyclical time. It stars Aisling O Connell and features a soundtrack by Sarah Ellen Lundy.

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Solo for Water

(14 mins, 2021)

The water level is rising. Emotions are detaching from both the past and future, and floating to the surface. Sink or glide through the new depths - things will never be the same again.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 11.20.42.png large under the sun...

(10 mins, 2021)

A lyrical post-apocalyptic diary movie for 2020 imbued with an irrepressible chthonic joyfulness that erupts from broken stone and broken birds.

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